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October 21, 2007


Daniel Shields

Stunning observation.

Its been a dominant portion of our research to try to uncover ways to intensify areas of action outside of the prime real-estate of the upper-left corner. There seem to be ways to use that space appropriately, and, simultaneously create baby-steps toward creating value in other areas of the site with ideas like the Fitts principles and a few models which we're currently testing and building theory around.

The key, may be, in the process of trying to optimize and deviate from the self-propagating paradigm which you described, to adopt intra-site actions to conciously make an effort to draw lines from that corner to other areas of the site. In other words, for sites like ours, we have to ensure that the really important site functions are in places which conform to this paradigm. However, we've begun moving other action areas and information away from this prime real estate and measuring impacts on our primary goals of these pages. By the time a user completes the ultimate conversion action, they have adapted their behaviors to reflect a significant buy-in to the importance of features in opposite quadrants. So, while your statement of how sites tend to look the same is true, but, mainly on the primary landing pages of the site.

There is hope. As most of us know, landing pages make up only a percentage of all our pages. As more people experiment and tweak the way that this principle influences their success, we're sure to have more discussions about it. We're (and I speak for myself, Paul and Juan only...)certainly willing to let you know how things go so that, if there is congruency, you might use our projects to enhance your understanding.

Looking forward to more goods.

Daniel W. Shields


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