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November 11, 2009


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this part of the blog "In the second case, many of these marketing teams have SAINT classifications that were designed years ago, on which they base internal reporting. The sudden introduction of thousands of new data-elements in the campaign tracking code variable unforeseeably and geometrically expands their SAINT download. The manager who used to spend a few hours doing SAINT uploads now finds herself spending a whole day trying to figure out how to classify referring domains." It was very interasante, thanks for the information!

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In some cases, the “uniques exceeded” issue cropped up, because even the s.campaign variable has a cut-off point

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she got same style with lady gaga. hmm... is it? though she appears first than Lady Gaga
i couldn't watch the video. *sigh*

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Yeah! The absolute solution to this problem is to think over this matter and knowing how the Unified Sources Vista Rule is working its way.

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So if you are planning an implementation or trying to improve an existing setup, make sure you give a thought to the stable of common Vista Rules that are available and to what you might be able to accomplish on a custom basis. They can be an easy and elegant solution to a great many implementation challenges.

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These VISTA rules are really helpful for anyone who wants to do good in the long run in analysis.

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The rules of vista indeed is a great thing to follow. It works as per my experience.

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